Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My trip to Hong Kong - Day Four

With such a big day yesterday, we decided to have a sleep in before exploring
more of Hong Kong. After breakfast we decided to head for the Sky 100 Observation
deck in the ICC building. ICC stands for International Commerce Centre and it's the
tallest building in Hong Kong. The Observation deck is indoors and has a 360 degree
view of the city. Amazing from up there.

Then it's always funny to have a crazy pic...showing my jelly leg condition once again?
Took me 5 mins to adjust to the height but after that I was all ok!

 For such a small land mass, Hong Kong sure has a LOT of buildings!

The ICC Building is the 4th tallest Commercial Building in the world.

After we finished at the Tower we headed down Granville St for a look.
Not far from our Hotel and it's full of Outlet shops. Great bargains there.
Shopping always works up a hunger. We stumbled across this Italian Pizza
place calle Paisano's! Apparently it's quite famous in Hong Kong!

Here's what they look like...they are the biggest slices of pizza, I've ever seen!
Check out Dino's hand beside the glass?

Here's my about to indulge in my giant slice of vegetarian pizza!
Can you believe this big slice and a Pepsi cost me $6 Australian?
Bargain deal, I'd say!

We had a little look at Kowloon Park, just off Nathan Rd. A few blocks from
where we stayed. Ate our lunch there actually. Beautiful little green spot in the
heart of the big city!

These sword weiling people we practicing in the park!
Something to do with Tai Chi, I think?

 Heading back to the Hotel and just outside the Park on Nathan Rd is this huge bunch
of shops. There's 3 of these buildings...Hong Kong people LOVE their shopping!!
The economy has got to be good, right?

Looking back the other way...amazing huh?

We decided to head up to the Ladies Market late afternoon. It's about a 25min
walk from the Hotel but we decided to walk and check out the scenery.
The Ladies Market is awesome. A huge street full of markets and the two
surrounding streets are great for sporting goods and electronics.
To say i was in "Sports Heaven" was an understatement.
I found my beloved Converse sneakers for just $35 a pr!
Cheapest I've ever bought them for at DFO is $50 and about
$80 in normal shops. I was beside myself with excitement.
I bought 2 and black! Love them!!

We shopped late on a Sunday afternoon and that's the main day the locals have off.
And their favourite pastime...SHOPPING!!! So many people down there shopping.
It was so busy! Gave it a good nudge though! ;)

While down there we walked past the "Hong Kong Jockey Club" or TAB!
Horse racing is the only form of gambling in Hong Kong and it only happens
twice a week. Wednesdays and Sundays. There are 2 tracks they race at.
So Sundays...this place is PACKED!!

We went to the night Race meeting in Hong Kong on the Wednesday,
but I'll tell you more about that later.

Chat soon,

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