Saturday, 25 August 2012

Weekend Fun...Motorbikes!

Back earlier in the year, my husband walked through the door after work
and told me we were the proud owners of 2 motorbikes! What?
We live in Inner City Brisbane for a start...

A friend from work was selling them, as he was moving from his lovely farm to a
 new beachside address and no longer needed them. So, Jase thought we needed them!
I was a little shocked at first, as I hadn't ridden a motorbike since I was about 13,
on my Aunt and Uncle's Cattle Property!

After playing with them over Easter up at Manar Park, they became quite the hit!
So, much so each afternoon you could find Zac on his laptop searching Youtube
for "things to learn" on his next motorbike expedition!

So, Jase and I decided we would get Zac a bike, seeing he's so obsessed.
It's a little import...Kato 110cc with an automatic clutch.
Great little bike to learn on. He loves it.

We went out a couple of weekends ago, to a friend's farm.
Fabulous spot, with a creek, some hills and a stretch to test out how fast you
can go!

I generally ride the Quad, nice and easy.
But the boys, (my husband Jase and BIL Scott) decided I needed to ride the
two wheeler's. Well, I LOVED it!! Had no issues with the gears and clutch!
Might have to ditch the Quad yet and get myself a speedy bike!

 Zac had his first lesson on learning to ride his new bike, that we bought
just a day earlier. He did pretty well. Once he stopped jumping off, because he
thought he couldn't hold the bike's weight. That took a little bit of practice
but he got there. Now he can do everything by himself.
Only had a few stacks so far!

 Here's some pics from our day out the farm...

Dad and Ella...

Zac riding around on his new bike...

Jase on his bike...

Ella decked out in her new "pink" gear...

Jase and Zac heading off for a ride together...

My SIL Kate, on her new beast... It's wild, I tell ya!!(I had a ride)

Jase and Zac back from their ride...

The funniest part of the day...Zac and Lani(my SIL's niece...other side of the family
and a year or so apart in age) decided they needed to race each other.
Both of them have just learnt to ride, mind you??

Lani on the Quad and Zac on his bike. They lined up with the esky and were
ready to go. Little bit of teetering with the rules seeing Zac's bike is automatic and
the Quad has a clutch. Anyway, off they went... I think Zac pipped Lani by a nose hair,
but who was looking?? A little competitive those two!

I love that motorbike riding interests all of us. Jase, me, Zac and's something we can
all do as a family! Even better that my BIL Scott and SIL Kate and their 3 kids...Griffin,
Seth and Millie really enjoy it too. Fun for everyone!

A fun day out was had by all. My bum let me know the next day,
but apart from that it got the big thumbs up!

Looking forward to our next expedition!

Chat soon,

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Claudio Mccarty said...

Oooh! Dirtbikes! I can fairly say that your family is a bunch of brave souls who love thrilling activities. The kids looked like they really enjoyed themselves. How often do you hit the trails?