Friday, 20 April 2012

What I've been working on...

Hi all!
Today's post is an update post.
I started working on a Mixed media piece last weekend and I'm loving
her progress so far!

We have a large 3m wall in the entrance way to our home that needs
filling with artwork! I've decided to use our family as the inspiration.
So, each member of the family will have a large canvas (approx. 45cmx91cm)
of themselves.

The first one is probably the easiest...Miss Ella's.
She wanted to be a fairy princess and in her favourite, hot pink, yellow and aqua!

 These photos are from last weekend and how she began...

I covered the canvas in an old sewing pattern and modge podge.
Then after she was dry, I added lots of paint, sprays, mists,stamps, and
used mediums to give her some texture.So much fun creating backgrounds.
Leaving her to dry at various times, so it's quite a process.
But I love it!

After I finished creating the background, it was time to move ontocreating
the fairy princess. I had an idea what I wanted her to look likeand that usually
changes as it progresses. But, I'm happy with her to date!

Ella helped me glue the base shapes down with modge podge.

 Here's what she looks like atm...

A work in progress, but she's starting to develop into a character!
Fingers crossed for some creating time over the weekend.

Chat soon,


Susan said...

What a great idea, Chelle. Miss E look like she is thoroughly enjoying it too :)

Louise Sutton said...

WOW! Is there anything you can't do, my super talented creative friend? I love this!