Thursday, 19 January 2012

Underwater World

We headed up the Sunny Coast a few weekends back.
Ella's request for the holidays was to visit Underwater World.
It had been many years since Jase and I had been there.
The kids had never been.

It hasn't changed heaps and currently the tunnel is under
construction, which was a bit of a bummer but the kids loved it
and that is the main thing.

They loved the starfish...

How amazing is this fish??
He's a Lion fish.

The seal show was great!
Zac and Ella were amazed by it.
For being such big animals they sure are strong.

Now is this guy one of the ugliest fish you've ever seen?
We thought so...poor bloke!

Always lots to see there.
We spent the morning at Underwater World.
Zac and Ella spotted the jumping trampolines so they had a go.
I was surprised Zac had a go as he has a bit of a height issue.
Maybe he felt secure in the harness?
Ella on the other hand would have a go at anything.
She's the thrillseeker!

Then off to have a lovely lunch at the pub before heading
down the coast back towards Bribie island.
My BIL Scott, SIL Kate and their 3 kids were fishing down there.
So we dropped in for a fish with them on the way home.

Scotty, Kate and Jase having a fish while the 3 little ones...Ella, Seth
and Millie all had a swim.

I went for a wander up the beach with the two bigger boys...Griffin and Zac.
They could see a Soldier Crab army up the beach and wanted to check it out.

They were mesmerised by them.
They chased them around for ages and even caught some.

These two just LOVE to fish...
Nice to see them share a hobby!

A great day out!

Chat soon,

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