Thursday, 29 September 2011

Macleay Island

These school holidays have been great for some time out.
With so many commitments during the school term with sport, markets and
various other things on the calendar, it's hard to get away.

This time we decided to get about. Last September holidays it poured rain
while I painted our new staircase walls that had just been put in.
Seems like so long ago...

After having last weekend in Ballina, we decided to stay close.
Jase's Dad currently works overseas, so his lovely house on Macleay
Island sits there with no one in it. So, our family + Jase's brother, Scotty's
family thought we'd go over for the weekend. Both jase and Scott are keen
fishermen and the kids love it too. So, why not?
Chillin and relaxin...who'd say No?

I and 3 kids(Zac, Ella and my niece Melanie) caught the ferry over mid morning
on friday to unload the groceries and settle in before the others arrived after work.
Dinner was ready when they got there and then we settled in to watch the footy and
have a few quiet drinks. Pity the Broncs didn't win? Luckily the Wallabies did!

Here's a pic of Zac, Ella and Mel, that I took on friday afternoon...

Saturday everyone was up early.
My two nephews are early 5am early risers!!
Thanks god my two aren't, although they were up just after 6am.
Big day ahead with a start that early!

Up and had breaky and I went and picked Tracey, my SIL(Jase's older sister)
up from the Water taxi. She came over to spend the day and seeing Mel was with us,
take her home at the end of the day.
Trace and I decided to stay at the house, and Seth stayed with us too.
The boys took all the other kids fishing.

Some chilling after lunch with not much doing.
Kids had fun playing together, in the mud when the tide went out.
Hmmm...who's great idea was that??
Griffin and Zac went out on the kayak and did some fishing.
They were out there for a few hrs and had a ball.
Didn't catch anything, but had fun in the process.

Here's some pics from the day...

Scotty, Millie and Ella heading back to the house.
Tide was out, with lots of mud and mangrove roots exposed.
You can see Griffin out on the kayak fishing, in the background.

2 of the boys...Seth and Zac.

Ella and Millie.

Seth and I.

Melanie and Tracey.

Seth and Jase.

Some sunset pics...

Sunday morning saw an early fishing session.
I stayed in bed and had a sleep-in after everybody headed out.
It was lovely.

They all arrived back about 9am and we had a big cooked breakfast with
bacon and eggs...Yum!

Then out we went again for one last fish.
We headed down towards the main jetty to try our luck.
It's a lovely spot, but no fish!
I caught a tiny one. It'd rival a goldfish...poor Scotty got a barb in the
finger from this feral little fish. There was no way I was getting it off...

We've all decided there's no fish near Macleay...well, none legal size.
Just tiny fish or stingrays...seems we caught a few of those varieties!

None the less, we had fun...the kids had heaps of fun and that's what it's all about!

Back to the house for some lunch.
Some more chilling before packing all the gear up and heading for
home aboard the ferry.

A great weekend away on Macleay.
It's nice spending time with family and hanging out!
Loved it!

Chat soon,

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