Friday, 17 June 2011


While waiting for the ship to dock on Monday afternoon, the kids loved playing shuffleboard. It was on the deck of the ship. They became quite good
at it by the end of the week.

After we had lunch it was "Land Ahoy"
We could see Noumea. It was a beautiful sunny day too.

Our first port stop was Noumea, New Caledonia.
We arrived in port at 3pm local time. Only an hr behind Brissy time.

Noumea is a french speaking nation, as they were discovered by the French
and they settled there. Noumea is a very "white" city.
By "white" I mean the buildings are very white. Not a whole lot of colour in their buildings.
It's such a pretty port!

Here we are, just stepped off the ship...

There were LOTS of signs like this...
Pity I could remember any french from school?

While waiting for our tour to arrive I saw this cement truck coming down the street.
For anyone that knows me well, knows I LOVE polka dots!!
My fave colour is red. So when this cement truck came down the street, I had
to snap a pic of it! I couldn't believe it!!
How cool is it??

We did a City Highlights Tour and our bus was running a little late,
so the sun was going and with no sun means no good photos.
This was one of the last I took in ok light.
It's looking back towards the port and where the ship was docked.

Right behind where I took this pic was a huge concrete wall.
It had the coolest graffiti wall, so we took some pics.
Here's Zac and Jase in front of it.

I quite liked Noumea. I'd like to see a bit more of it in the daylight.
It was bigger than I thought. Made up of lots of smaller islands.
The beaches looked nice and the weather was beautiful.
Being winter, the sun went down early...about 5.20pm!
Much like at home.

After our tour, we headed back to the ship.
Then off to dinner before going to the Show.
Tonight's show was by a dance group from Noumea.

Here's the girls...

and the boys...

They danced in their formal dress and showed us how to tie
up a sarong. It was great! They pulled up a heap of guys from
the audience, up onto the stage late in the show.
They had to take off their shirts and they taught them how to dance.
Was quite funny. To finish off, they taught them the haka. It was hilarious!
I must have been too busy laughing to get any pics! LOL

After the show, they hopped off the boat and we left port.
On our way to Lifou...
We watched the ship push off from the dock and head out.
It didn't take long at all.

I'll be back tomorrow with our day at Lifou!

Chat soon,

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