Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Scrapchat Retreat - May 2011

Last weekend I headed away with a fabulous bunch of girlfriends to the Scrapchat Retreat.Held on the Gold Coast, we rent a big house that this time housed 16 lovely ladies and a ton of scrap supplies! We go twice a year, to scrap, drink some wine, play Singstar and enjoy each other's company. Away from all that's at home and
in our daily lives. A weekend off, for us!

I got quite a few layouts done, that I'll share with you in coming posts.
Our Saturday Night Theme Night was a 60's/Hippie theme.
So much fun was had with this.
From Woodstock Hippies, to Flower Power and I even went as a 60's chick from Austin Powers!
Lots of fun was had with that!

Here's some pics...

Here's the whole crew!

It's always a fabulous weekend.
Loved every minute of it. Now just have to wait til Nov for the next one!!!

Chat soon,


Jasmine S said...

How awesome does this look? What a great idea having a theme. Can only imagine the laughs....
Can't wait to see the creations.

Michelle Jamieson said...

LOL...Was a total crack up!! it's a tradition now and we wouldn't miss the chance to dress up!
Lots of laughs, plenty of drinks, a little Singstar and some scrapping. It was a great night! :)

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Looking so cool Chelle xxx