Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cricket Season's Over

Well, cricket season officially ended last weekend.           The boys had their last game on Saturday, followed by their team breakup.
Then on the Sunday, we had the Club Breakup.
It was a big weekend.

I can happily say they won their last game by 5 runs! Woohoo!
It's nice to finish the season on a high. Zac loved playing and Jase really enjoyed
coaching them. The parents already have him coaching next season!
Seems he's keen to do it too, which is nice.

Here's Jase and all the boys in the team talk!

Here's Zac in action!
Here he is Batting...

and Bowling...

Then there's the official team photo! LOL

Now that cricket's finished, we've had one weekend off and Footy
starts next weekend. Nothing like a break, huh? LOL

Chat soon,

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