Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wet Weekend Scrapping

It's been raining here in Brissy for most of the weekend.
Zac had cricket on Saturday morning and the rain held out until about 2/3 of the way through, but they were determined to finish it. They kept playing in the rain for the remainder of the game.
They won the game, which was great. (64-53)
An even bigger surprise this morning, was Zac's name in the newspaper for batting and bowling. He's been in for one or the other, but not both! He's quite chuffed about the whole thing!
Well done, Zaccy!

After cricket and a Birthday party we had the rest of the weekend free.
I decided to sew the curtains for the kids Cubby house. Now we just need it to stop raining and we can put them up in there.

Then I hit the scrap desk.
I created 3 layouts, which was great. It's nice to just create!
I'll share one with you today and save the other two for another post.

This one is about Zac's 7th Birthday last year. He was lucky enough to have a helicopter ride over Brisbane, as a very special surprise!
A bit of a different layout for me. Used lots of pics, which I love to do.

While I finished off the last of my layouts this afternoon, I had a helper.
She insisted on creating her own layout.

We also had Ella's Class mascot for the weekend.
Her name is Tilly the lamb. She is very cute and was included in all our activities over the weekend.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Chat soon,


Jasmine S said...

Oh dont you just love the class mascot on the weekend?? Just another thing on the to do list.
Love this LO. Awesome shots. I just bought my DH a Helicopter Flight for his 40th. Can't wait to see his snaps.
Awesome work.

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

OMG... How cool is your man Zac that is an awesome batting score, and WOO 2-3 is huge in the bowling What a mighty cool cricketer xx

How cute to have the honour of taking the class mascot home Miss E... and it is cute as!!! xxx and I think it is adorable to see you scrapping, looks like a fantastic layout... you must take after your Mummy xx

Gotta love a helicopter ride that is impressive, I enjoyed mine when I went up Zac...

Leababy's Scrapping Spot said...

Your got a great cricketer on the rise Chelle and another future scrapbook master in Miss E.

melissa said...

just wanted to pop by and say a big thanks for the lovely thank you card you sent - such sweet mail
Thanks Melxxx

lexie said...

Zac is doing so well in cricket! Must be the great coach he has LOL
Love the LO and Ella's too!