Sunday, 30 January 2011

A very BIG Thankyou

I just wanted to say a very BIG Thankyou to all the wonderful Scrappers across Australia that have sent my boxes of Scrap Supplies over the past weeks. So far I have 27 boxes/parcels/satchels sitting in my Scrap space, with more on their way.

 I am very proud that we have such an amazing caring Scrapbooking Community here in Australia, all willing to help out fellow lovers of our Creative Craft!

I've even heard from a Crafting Group in the US who'd like to make a kind donation as well. Isn't that wonderful?
Currently, I'm still taking donations but I'm getting full. I'll let you know when we cut them off.

I can happily say the first of the "Care Packages" will be leaving this week and is heading to northern Vic, to the town of Charleston, where a Scrapper lost everything. I have a friend who's hand delivering it to her.
I'm sure she'll love it! Keep me posted, M! Xx

If anyone knows of any scrappers across Qld or Vic that has lost their stash, please don't hesitate to contact me on I'd love to help them out!

So from the bottom of my heart to yours, a very heartfelt and BIG Thankyou from me! Xx

Chat soon,

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Gigga said...

You are so welcome. It felt so good to send my stash off to people who will really appreciate it ..Thanks again for organising this.
Kind regards
Sandra Haslam