Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Queensland Flood Crisis

I was going to update my blog today on the Brisbane International, the tennis that we went to last week. But the Flood Crisis here in Queensland is on my mind.

The scenes on the news yesterday of Toowoomba, Grantham and the Lockyer Valley just astounded me. Knowing some of these areas and the layout of their land, just shocked me.
Having friends out that way concerns me too. Stay safe everyone.

The main Street of Toowoomba had a wall of water or "inland Tsunami" which was just devastating. Cars being flung around like pieces of paper, raging water and shocked faces...some of them heartbroken.
Makes me very sad watching the news.

It's not far away, which is even scarier. It's coming our way.
It's expected to reach Ipswich by lunchtime, where a lot of my immediate family live. They all live away from the river and should be ok. Then, it'll be on it's way to Brisbane. We have a few areas nearby that are notorious for flooding. Luckily far enough away from us.
Thankfully we live high on a hill just north of the city, so we are ok.
Staying at home today, off the roads.

Here's the report on the news here last night.
The latest report and the affected areas in Qld so far...it's staggering!

A pic from Toowoomba overnight...

The wall of water in the main street of Toowoomba.

Here's a bigger look at the flooding.

8 people confirmed dead and 72 still missing.

There's more, it is still raining and it's set to continue today.
Luckily easing tonight, but it needs to stop raining for these poor people to recover and start cleaning up.
Pray for SE Qld...we sure need the help!

Chat soon,


Kylie Grant said...

Its so sad Michelle. I have friends and family who have been affected. I havent slept and I am so worried. I hope your family and you stay safe and get through this xxxx

Chloe :-) said...

We live just out of Toowoomba. It is devestating here. Stay safe xx

Lisa K said...

Its heartbreaking to watch - and the sad bit is its not over yet!
I hope to God they find the missing 72!

Gigga said...

Thinking of you all in Queensland.. It really is heartbreaking to watch. Stay safe.

Nerrida said...

Hi Michelle, I have heard on the grape vine you are doing an appeal for scrapbooking stuff - can you let us know more about this please? I know they won't want stuff yet as they'll have nowhere to store it but would love to feel like I was contributing...

Allie Collyer said...

Hi Michelle, saw on Anna's that you might be collecting scrapping stuff for people that lost theirs in the floods. I know that it is probably the last thing on their minds right now but I would love to contribute. I have a heap of unopened Prima flowers etc and I'd love to pass them on if you are collecting. Good stuff only!

mel said...

Hey Michelle,
I have gone through my scrap stuff and have some stuff here to sned up when your ready - can you post some details when your ready where you would like this to be sent? Thanks your a gem