Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Foto

It seems the tooth fairy is a regular visitor to our house lately.
Zac lost two teeth within a week and is looking a bit "gappy" these days!
All a part of growing up...

Seems inflation has hit the tooth fairy too. I remember as a kid getting 50c for a front tooth, but these days it's goldies!!!! How things have changed?

Today Zac is my Friday Foto...with his gaps and all!
I wonder what he wants for Christmas?? LOL

Have a great weekend!
We have an 8th Birthday Party, a Jewellery Party, a Crop and some more work on our Reno's.
Another busy one...

Chat soon,

1 comment:

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

I'm sure Zac loved the Tooth Fairy :) Can't wait for you to scrap this photo Chelle xxx