Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Mashed styles of Lou and Leanne

At our Retreat each 6 mths, my friend Manda sets an Inspiration Challenge.
Each and every time it pushes out of our comfort zone!
This time was no different.
We had to mash two different scrappers styles together.
Well, this certainly took some thought. I thought about it for quite some time before having a go at Lousie Nelson's style and Leaane Stamatellos' style.
Lou is the master of neutral tones, with lots of glimmer mist, ink and textures.
Leanne's simple and elegant style amazes me, while always telling her story.

So, here's what I came up with...Lou's look with Leanne's strip journalling.

Both girls are also dear friends.
I hope I've done your styles both justice!

I had fun in the process.

Chat soon,


Treesa said...

wow love love this layout!! you have done a great job with those styles! :)

Louise Sutton said...

ooh, a Style "Mash Up!"
Looks funky Chelle. But still "you."