Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday Foto

Zac has just started playing cricket, in Under 8's.
He did an introduction to cricket and they learnt skills like bowling, how to bat, catching and field placement.
He absolutely loved it and wanted to play in the Summer.
So, a group of boys from school and a few extras make up the team.

Jase is coaching the team, which makes it very exciting for Zac.
Jase played as a youngster and still plays Indoor to this day. He loves it and looks like his son is taking up his passion, which is nice.

With all the wild weather up here in past weeks, their very first game was washed out and the second game was a bye. Last weekend, they finally made their debut.

Here's Zac all padded up and ready to go in to bat...He's my Friday Foto!

In batting...

Having a bowl...

The best part is...they won their very first game(45-31) and they were so excited.
So, tomorrow we do it all again.
Wish us luck!

Chat soon,

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Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Wow go Zac that bat looks near as big as you :):):) Congratulations to the team on the win xx