Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday Foto

Well, the school holidays here in Qld are drawing to a close.
We've spent it at home painting for most of it. Although we did fit in a couple of movies, including "Despicable Me" and "Legend of the Guardian...The Owls of Ga'hoole". Both great movies!

So, seeing we've had a quiet school holidays and the weather hasn't been great, we are taking the kids to Movieworld tomorrow.
That should be fun. The last time we went was less than memorable. Zac was 3 and Ella just 9 mths old. It poured rain all day and Ella threw up on Jase in the Matrix exhibit. I remember getting in the car that day, and Jase and I looked at each other and laughed. What else could you do??? It was memorable! LOL
So, here's hoping to a fine day(fingers crossed) and lots of fun!

While we are away enjoying ourselves, my tiler(aka Dino) is coming to peace!!! LOL
So, my laundry will be looking beautiful by the end of the weekend.

That's my friday foto today...

All the gear is ready and raring to go!

Round Two for the AFL Grand Final...I'm still on the Saints!
Then on Sunday it's the Dragons all the way.
With a husband and two kids who support them, I may be ousted from the family if I don't barrack for them. That and I'm not a Roosters fan!
C'mon the Dragons!!!

Have a good weekend.

Chat soon,


kathie said...

Enjoy your new laundry :). It sounds like it's a hive of activity at your house atm.
Phil took Jamie to see Cats and Dogs this school holidays, but Jamie got a bit frightened by it, and they ended up leaving early. (I was working, boo hoo). Despicable Me probably would have been a better choice, but J wasn't at all interested. Funny boy.

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

How did the poor labourer go with the tiles Chelle xxx

sueat17 said...

That looks like lotsa I'm so amazed with hearing how much you're getting done....wish I could get that motivated!