Friday, 10 September 2010

Happy Birthday Ella

We celebrated a Birthday this past week for the littlest member of our family.
Ella turned 5!
I can't believe she's 5? My baby is growing up so fast!

We celebrated with a party with family and friends on Sunday(Fathers Day) at a local park.
Pity the weather wasn't so good, with rain and a dreary overcast day.
Ella didn't mind and had a lovely day opening presents, eating lots of goodies, playing with cousins and friends and blowing out the candles on her "Crown" cake. We did the whole "Princess" theme, with pink and purple all round!

Here's our little Princess at her party...

She just loves Barbie atm, so this cute Barbie took pride of place.
She even has a home to go too now. But I forgot to take a pic of what we bought her. I will on the weekend and share it then. I LOVE it!! LOL

Here's my first ever attempt at making a cake.
I usually always get a cake made, or we buy one.
Well, I cheated and bought the sponge, but the decorating skills are all mine. LOL
It ended up turning out ok. There wasn't one piece leftover, so it must have been good??

The cute Crown cake...

Look at the kids waiting for a slice of it...
Seth, Hollee and Ella!
These 3 all head off to school next year.

They all had a great time and we headed home totally exhausted!!

So, Happy Birthday Ella!!
Today you're my Friday Foto!

Chat soon,


Tanyah Payne said...

AWww what a little princess she is!...Happy 5th Birthday Ella

love the cake chelle! xx

aussiescrapper said...

Wow Ella is 5, super happy birthday to her, I love the gorgeous cake you have made, you know the colour and all the bits of bling lol (lolly embellishments) looks divine, I am hungry now, hope she had a great day, and every little girl loves Barbie, Nate has one too. Love to you and your family, Melissaxxx