Monday, 30 August 2010

Weekend away in Ballina

The kids and I headed down to Ballina, in northern NSW for the weekend.
My Mum was doing a Craft Show so we thought we'd go down and keep her company and enjoy some time away from it all. My hubby Jase heads away with the boys once a year to the Gympie Muster...wild boys weekend away! LOL

It was a lovely weekend. The sun was shining, although the breeze was a little on the cool side!
I have fond memories of Ballina. Jase and I stayed there a few times early on, while we were dating.
Way before weddings and kids! Seems like a LONG time ago!!!!!

We wandered around the shops, had the best ice-cream, ate dinner out, relaxed, played on the playground(well, the little two did), went to a Craft Show and visited the Macadamia Castle on the way home.

The kids loved the look of the Macadamia Castle as we drove into Ballina.
So, the begging began...Can we? Can we Mum???
OK, I'll admit it. I'm a soft Jase calls me!!!

Here's some snaps...

This is "the wall". A big rock wall that leads out to the seaway.
I have walked this wall many times, but this is the first with the kids.
It's a long way out there, and holy moly was it blowy and cold??? Brrr.
Zac and I made it but I had to piggyback Ella the last 400m.
I sure had my workout for the day!

Here's Ella walking out to the end.
You can see Zac jogging up further...He didn't jog for long! LOL

Here's the end, at the opening of the seaway.
We saw a big pod of dolphins riding the waves.
That was very cool!

After that we headed out to Macadamia Castle.
We checked out the Animal Farm...

Played some mini golf...

They had the coolest tree playground...

Lots of fun at the Macadamia Castle and the honey roasted macadamia's were divine!!

All in all, a fun weekend before heading back to Brissy!
Just what the Dr ordered!

Chat soon,


Sara said...

Looks like a great weekend away. I must admit I have driven past the Macadamia Castle many times but never stopped but that playground looks awesome.

Rachael said...

WOW! looks like A wonderful weekend Away,& gots some gr8 shots too. Lucky Ducky!