Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday Foto

Our renovation is well underway.
In just a week our builder has sheeted the ceiling in Gyprock and put all the electrical cables in ready for the electrician to come. He's built framework ready for the stairs.
We had the final check measure this afternoon and it's all ready to go. Everything is in accordance to the plans and hopefully by this time next week, the stairs will be in! It's getting very close now and I am super excited!
So, no scrapping for me at all this week...hopefully in the next few weeks I can get back into it, after I've done some painting. Could take me a while? LOL

So, for today's Friday Foto I'll share some snaps I took just this afternoon of the building work!

Here's what upstairs looks like at the moment.
Monday the hole will be cut (along this wall) for the stairs and the nib or half height wall will be built.

Under the pieces of gyprock are holes, cut to line everything up downstairs.
Downstairs we are having 3 metre ceilings, but it's actually 3.6m down there so we will have a void.
Any wonder the builder was worried about safety over the weekend?
Here's what we can see down the hole, to downstairs.
It's a hell of a drop?

Then to outside. The stairs are going partly outside then back in and down the wall into the main area downstairs, which will become a big rumpus/family/lounge area. Looking forward to spending time down here. Best part, it's right next to my Craft area so the kids can play Wii or watch telly or just hang out and I can scrap with the family closeby. Really looking forward to that.
Previously it's been me down there, all by myself.

Here's what it looks like from the side of the house. This is the part that will be enclosed in but the stairs will be outside.
From the side view...

And front on...

Then to downstairs.
See that big bit of brown timber covering up the hole?
That's where the stairs will come through the wall.
Looking good to say the least!

Looking back towards the front door, with a ceiling!
It's come so far in just a week!

It's all coming together!

Adding even more excitement to my world, my sweet husband arrives home from Italy bright and VERY early tomorrow morning! Looking forward to seeing him.
Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,


Susan said...

Woo hoo Chelle! I can see why you are so excited. What a lovely difference this reno will make to your home. I'm glad you have a place to scrap today too - he he! See you soon :)

Welcome home to Jase.

Tanyah Payne said...

wow chelle, this looks very impressive!... well worth all the efort! enjoy! xx