Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday Foto

The end of a very BIG week!
Tomorrow see's our school fete, and what a big event it will be?
I've been working hard since February on the Stationary and Gifts stall, with some delightful other Mum's. Mainly Grade 2 Mum's but a few extras from Prep and Grade One as well.
Let's hope we sell everything, but after the response to the shadow box frames we've made, I don't think we'll have too much trouble. Fingers crossed!

I've also baked about 60 cupcakes today for the Cupcake stand, right next to us.
It's been a busy day!

The kids are SUPER EXCITED about the rides, the food and of course the dance the whole school is doing to the Black Eyed Peas  - "I got a feeling".
Zac's year level - Grade Two are dancing to Thriller as well.
I got to see both dances being performed in rehearsal today....they look fantastic!

The kids were on the Channel Ten news here in Brissy last night.
Doing the big dance, called the Flash mob dance.

They even put it on You tube. How up with the times is our school????
Here it is.

Cool huh?
It's gonna be a HUGE day tomorrow.

Onto my Friday Foto...
One of my Bromelaids has burst into flower.
Who would have thought such a lime green plant could have pink/purple flowers?
Always amazes me what colour the flower will be?

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,


Sar said...

Noice photo, Chelle!

lexie said...

Hope everythign went well!

Oh and I just popped over to Scrap the Girls.

Congrats on the CT spot, WOOHOOO!!!!