Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday Foto

Well, today is a friday I won't forget in a hurry!
Last week I told you about a special surprise for Zac's birthday. We couldn't go last week due to bad weather, but we did today!
It was a helicopter ride over Brisbane and we had a gorgeous day for it!
Jase's business partner owns a helicopter and commutes from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane a few days a week and this is his mode of transport!
They use a paddock closeby to the business to land the helicopter in.
Pretty cool huh??

Here's Zac all decked out with his headphones, so we could hear each other.

Jase and Ross up front.

Heading over Suncorp Stadium...Great view!

Then onto the city.
This is down the river over Sothbank.

The Story Bridge

Over the City...what a view!

Mt Cootha and the TV towers

An amazing experience. I can say I have now been up in a helicopter.
I was a little sceptical as I have a "height" thing! I'm worse if I can see the ground from where I am (like stairs, etc...I'm always worried it's gonna break and I'm gonna fall), but this was fine.
Bet you didn't know that about me!! LOL
Zac also has the "height"
 thing and grabbed my hand just once. It was when we were doing a u-turn and heading in another direction. Not good when you can see the ground out the side window!!
That was it though.

A helicoper is very different to an aeroplane where you are thrust back in the seat. A helicopter is very smooth and you have the feeling you are not going very fast but Ross told us we were doing 170km/h up there and we had a slight breeze, which you could feel every now and then.
Very glad I got to do it!
Zac just loved it!'

So, a bit of excitement for our friday foto's today!

Chat soon,


Tara said...

What a very special present. Not something he's likely to forget in a hurry!!!

Julie said...

Wow ... what a lucky boy and a wonderful experience. Great pics!

Louise Sutton said...

Wow! That is so cool!
I also have the height thing, so it is interesting to read your feelings about being in the helicopter. Maybe I can put it on my bucket list now?

So glad Zac had a good time. xx L