Monday, 26 July 2010

Art Journal Update

I've done a few more Art Journal pages in the past week.
Thought I'd share them with you all.

Guilty Pleasures - This one explains itself!
I love chocolate!!

What I'm pessimistic about - The upcoming election, of course!

A happy occasion (no pics) - I chose our camping adventures.

All about my name (Michelle) - How I got it? What it means?

Lots of scrapping from me in the past week.
Not sure when I'll be scrapping again, as we are having some building work done on our house.
A new internal staircase, a new ceiling and general finishing off downstairs. I'll be very happy when it's all completed and life will get back to normal.
To throw and extra spanner in the works, Jase is off to Italy next week for work, so it's me holding down the fort and coordinating with builders and stair people.
Sounds like fun, huh??
I'll take lots of pics during each of the stages so I can do a blog post once it's all completed!

I'm hoping to relocate my computer and work from another room, as where my computer lives now is all being cut out for the stairs!
Here's hoping to it all setting up ok for it's temporary home.
Fingers crossed!

Chat soon,


lexie said...

Love your journal Chelle! Good luck with all the work.

aussiescrapper said...

I just love this journal Michelle, as a matter of fact I am looking at getting a bind it all atm and this I think will be one of my first projects, a journal of me. Love it all and sounds like some noise at your house with the renos. Hope all goes well. Melxx