Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Makeover time!

My dining room chairs have looked less than impressive for a while now.
With vegemite fingerprints and other spills, I just couldn't get the marks out.
So, a makeover was in order for my dining chairs!

Seeing it was school holidays, we thought we'd gead down to Spotlight and find some upholstery fabric for the new look chairs. Our house has a colour schme of soft yellow, blue and white.
I have splashes of red here and there to add some vibrant colour!
We picked out a blue fabric, that could deal with some kid wear and tear.
We all decided a darker colour was in order.
A darker blue was what we found!

This is the before of my chairs.

With the fabric, lining, enthusiasium and some little helpers, we headed off to Jase's work to use the air compressor and staple gun.
First we cut the fabric to size.

Then it was a matter of pulling out the old stapes...thousands of them.
Well, it felt like thousands of them! LOL
The staple removal was the longest part of the whole process.

Next, the fun part.
Stapling on the new fabric.

Lastly, time to add the lining.
That just makes it all look neat and pretty from the bottom, not that you see it.

Here's Zac putting them in the car.
They look good, huh??

Here's the finished result.

My new chairs that look pretty darn good, if we do say so ourselves!
It took just a few hours on Saturday afternoon to make them over.

Chat soon,


Yillup said...

I like the blue heaps better! And they looks so professional! I bet white won't be on your furnishing fabrics list any more???

Michelle Jamieson said...

It never was! LOL
Loved the dining suite setting and the light colour suited, but if I could of had blue, I would have!!
I'm loving the blue too, K!!! :)

Chelle Xx