Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A big day of firsts...

Zac started back at school today.
He's a BIG Grade 2 now. He was quite excited about going today. He has a new teacher, who actually taught him in Prep, as a student teacher. So, he's excited about Miss Strong being his teacher.
He's in a new classroom, has a desk of his own and a pencil case all to himself this year.
It's very he tells me!!

So, we dropped him off and not even a kiss. "Seya Mum", is all I got.
So off Ella and I went.

We arrived to pick him up this afternoon to find a tooth missing.
This was our very first wobbly tooth, that started wobbling as the holidays started in early Dec.
It has hung in all holidays, to fall out today, of all days!!
I think Zac was more looking forward to the tooth fairy coming than actually losing the tooth. LOL

Here's some pics of his first day...

Just before we left for school.

With his little sister, Ella.

At his desk in class.

Zac's very first lost tooth.

We've had a very big day today.

Chat soon,


Sarah Rickard said...

Zac is looking very grown up here

Susan said...

Wow Zac that WAS a big day! I hope the tooth fairy found your tooth alright ;)