Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Happy Birthday to me

I'm only just posting about my Birthday now as I've had some internet issues. Very annoying!
From a corroded internet cable, a dying modem and not 1, but 4 nasty virus on Facebook...Trust me, I've had it all!
My apologises if you are a FB friend....I swear it wasn't me!! LOL

Now, onto a brighter note.
I turned 35 last Sat...yep, middle of the 30's! Scary hey??
Now I'm closer to 40 than 30...YIKES!!!!
I don't feel 35, and that's what matters, right??

Mum and Dad had the kids for the day.They had a date with Santa at the Ipswich Railway Museum, while Jase and I did ome running around before heading to the Broncos Leagues Club for lunch. Then home to relax before we headed out again to Ahmet, a great Turkish restaurant at Southbank.
I can highly recommend it. Fabulous setting, great atmosphere and delish food. Oh, and there was a belly dancer too. Then onto the casino, where I won $100 before crawling into bed about 2am!!
I had a fabulous time on my Birthday.

Here's some pics...

Our group..Jase, Kellie, Nadine and Manda.

Manda and me

The Belly Dancer...

Check out the ceiling...

Kellie and Nadine

The Banquet

Jase and me.

I had a great time on my Birthday!
Chat soon,

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