Sunday, 22 November 2009

I loved it!!

Well, after many many months of waiting, I went and saw New Moon on Sat night. My friend Gyps organised a Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Star Class at Logan Hyperdome. So good seeing a movie like that with friends! There were plenty of OOoo's and Ahhhh's at certain stages of the movie...something to do with a certain werewolf taking his shirt off. Man, were they ripped?? LOL
It would nearly want to make me change sides, from Team Edward to Team Jacob!
Poor Jacob, he's never gonna get the girl no matter how good his six pack is?? Sad really? LOL

After seeing the movie, my SIL Manda and friend Tanya headed back to the City to catch up with 2 good friends of mine, Carly and Rach. I worked with these 2 gorgeous girls a few years ago.Love them to death. We had such a fun night out with them and their crazy antics.
It's been a while since I've come home in the cab as the sun is coming up.
I'm not as young as I used to be!! LOL

Here's a couple of pics from last night!
Carly, Rach and me.

Rach and me.

Tan and Manda.

Can't wait to do it again sometime!

Chat soon,

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Scrapping Down a Lane said...

It's great letting the hair down from time to time Chelle xxx Must take me off to see this Movie :):):)