Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'm still in shock...

Yep, I'm still in shock that Adam Brand actually won Dancing with the Stars!
As much as I love him, he's a much better singer than dancer!!

I really think Matt White deserved to win in the end. Not so fussed on Kylie Gillies. Don't get me wrong, her dancing was fabulous but I liked Matt better. He dances beautifully, while Adam...well, he did ok!

Anyway, enough of that...he won and I'm stoked!!
Goes to show it's a personality contest not a dancing one.

To tie in with Adam's win, his record company, Compass Records are giving 3000 free mp3 dowloads for Ready for Love...the song he and Jade danced to on Grand Final night.
You can get it here.

He's also just released the new filmclip to "Ready for Love".
Jade's in it too(his dance partner)...Maybe the rumours are true??
Loving this new clip!!

In even bigger news...Adam's signed a deal with Sony Music in the US. So, the show I'm going to in about 6 weeks time might be the last time I see him for a while!
So very happy for him. The Yanks are gonna love him!

Chat soon,


Susan said...

Hey that's a nice song, Chelle.

Gypsyangel said...

Woot woot, I see the Jade is in the film clip too.

Anonymous said...

What He won!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I agree he is a far better singer.