Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Off to the Ekka

We had no intention of going to the Ekka today. We actually spent the morning cleaning under our house...looks fabulous by the way!!
We came up and had some lunch and there was a news break and they showed the Ekka and it looked like there wasn't many there and they said numbers were down on Peoples Day. For non-Brissy people, today was our show holiday or "Ekka" holiday.

So Jase said...Let's go to the Ekka...a quick change and off we went! We don't live far from the showgrounds, a stones throw or 5 min drive away!!
Zac has only been once, when he was 3 and Ella has never been. The last time I went I was 8 mths pregnant with Ella, so that was 4 years ago.
You should have seen their faces when we walked in. They were blown away, and couldn't wait to have a go on the rides. So, from clowns, to the kids rides, into the animal pavilions, deciding on, what a day!!

We had some dinner and it started to spit rain. They had forecast a thunderstorm for this afternoon and without a doubt, it poured down. Luckily we were in the Showbag pavilion so didn't get wet but it was so loud on the tin roof.

Onto the main arena and we saw the Jet truck, Stunt driving Hilux utes, the crazy freestyle motorX bikes, tent pegging(It's an event with horses, not actually putting up tents...LOL) and some wood chopping. Then, the big finale with the fireworks and the laser show. The kids loved every minute of it. Jase and I loved watching the excitement on their faces, all day long. That's what makes it!!
It was a ton of fun and we can't wait to go again next year!

Here's some snaps...

You can't go to the Ekka and not have one of these strawberry icecreams. They are totally divine!! Check out Ella's face...she liked hers, it's all over her!!

The clowns, an old favourite.

Ella loved the rides.

Zac on the motorbikes.

The both loved the pink Hogs Breath drift car. We saw it later in the night in the main arena...very cool!!

Here's the kids and Dad.

That's our fun day at the Ekka...

Chat soon,


Susan said...

What a great day you all seem to have had! Love the pics and the memories you created :) Ella and Zac will surely remember their day too :)

Crazymumm said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time Chelle xxx What does Ekka stand for (being from down south I have no idea) is it your local show

sueat17 said...

Looks like an awesome day....

Michelle Jamieson said...

Yes, Lucy...the Ekka is short for Exhibition. Have no idea why they call it that??...also known as the Brisbane Show. :)