Saturday, 1 August 2009

Friday Foto

I know, I know...I'm a day late!!
I was too exhausted last night and I've had a tummy bug, so I had an early night.

Here's my pic from yesterday. The kids and I were playing with the camera out on the grass in the front yard late in the afternoon.
So, here's me and my two little monkeys!

This weekend is Market Day at Scrapchat's Craft Exchange.
By sure to pop by and grab a bargain or two. Lots of handmade goodies to be purchased and some de-stashing going on this time around...well, by me anyway!!

I have a busy catch-up weekend this weekend. I have a ton of washing, need to mow the yard, wash the car and I'm painting some shelves for my scrap space. Plenty to keep me busy, I think???

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about tummy bug Mike has had it all week with headaches and as you know he never gets sick!!!!MIL

kathie said...

Cute photo. You're so lucky that you can actually lie on the grass. It's way too cold and wet down here!