Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Guess who's 6??

Our little man turned 6 today!
Yep...Zac is growing up way too fast!!

He's been into Treasure maps lately, so guess what we did for him? I wonder??
There was a Treasure map left beside his bed and he had to follow it to find his Birthday present. The neighbours must have wondered what we were all doing at 6.45am this morning...wandering around the backyard in our PJ's!!
He loved it, so it was worth it!

Here's what his surprise was...a new bike!

Zac and Daddy went out to Gold Class at lunchtime to see Transformers. He loved the first one, so we thought we'd treat him for his Birthday. He loved it!

While they were out at the movies, Ella and I made Zac a cake.
Here it is...my first time with writing icing...it's not as easy at it looks! LOL
I'm so NOT a cake decorator!!

Here's my offsider...she was more worried about cleaning the bowl...LOL

We took some pics in the front yard this afternoon.
How cute is this one??
Aww...I love em!!

Chat soon,


Alicia said...

Happy birthday to Zac. Sounds like he had a great day. The treasure map & homemade cake were lovely touches. Some of my favourite childhood memories involve getting up early on my bday & searching the house & garden for my presents. We always had decorated cakes too, so I couldn't wait to do it for my kids. I actually did an Iggle Piggle (from In the Night Garden) for Keeley's 1st bday.

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Happy Birthday Zac.. Looks like you had a wonderful day hun that cake is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh Brats... I missed this wonderful child's Big day (sorry Zac) Happy Belated Birthday wishes. and WOW Love your new wheels :):):):):):) and big Hello to Ella