Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A foggy morning

We don't get fog very often here in Brisbane.
Today we awoke to a thick blanket covering the city.
The last of it lifted just before 11am. A rare event for us...

I found this little spiders web, covered in water drops, just outside our front door as we were heading out the door to school.
How cool is it??

I did some scrapping last night.
I've been busy working on projects for Scrapbooking Memories mag, which hit the post this afternoon. I also created this one.
Another one of my Tamworth pics! It's the gorgeous McClymont sisters!

I'd better sign off for the night. The 2nd Origin is on tonight and Qld could make history as the most successful side ever!! We'll be cheering them on.
Zac's a bit excited about it all. He's asked me every 10mins or so since about 5pm, when's the footy starting?? Excited much?? LOL
It's been a long afternoon!

Go Qld...let's hope they can do it!!

Chat soon,


Nicole said...

oh I'm soooo over the fog, every morning it lingers, leaves everything so damp and horrible, and then today we woke to nothing, sigh, until it rolled in at 9am. What the?????


Superly cute piccie though

Alicia said...


Wish I'd been there to see the fog. Love the McClymonts page. Looks great.

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