Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day!
It's nearly better than your Birthday.
When everyone else in your house gets to do my jobs for a day.

Jase made the beds, did the dishes and even ironed clothes this morning.
That was very nice, but I wish it happened every day?
Oh well...the life of a Mum, hey??

I was spoiled with some new PJ's, which is what I wanted. Zac and Ella also bought me a chocolate rose...that was delish!

Then off we headed to the Broncos for lunch today. All the Mum's were treated to a glass of bubbly, chocolates and a flower...mine was a favourite flower!
Lunch was delicious, as always. We celebrated with my Mum, Dad and my sisters family. It was a really lovely day, just enjoying each others company.

Here's me and my two little people out at lunch today.

I hope your Mothers Day was special!

Chat soon,

1 comment:

SkyeMJ said...

SOunds like you had a great Day! :)
Super cute photo of you and the littlies!