Saturday, 30 May 2009

I've been tagged

My lovely friend Libby has tagged with me with this.
Libby's blog is very informative and has some great step by steps and she's a wizz with the Cuttlebug!
Be sure to check it out!

I have to answer these questions and then tag 8 other bloggers, so here goes.....

8 Things I Look Forward To.

1. The weekend, when everyone is home.
2. A delicious meal out
3. Spending time with friends and family
4. Christmas...I love this time of year!
5. Going on Scrapchat's Retreats, twice a year.
6. Sleeping in...Does this really exist?? LOL
7. Having time to scrap. Love this time of day!
8. Watching my kids grow into responsible citizens.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Had my hair foiled, cut and blowdried.
2. Read some more of "Twilight".
3. Finished off a Scrapbook page, or two.
4. Picked Zac up from school and Ella from Kindy.
5. Watched a movie with DH last night...Seven Pounds.
6. Played my silly Facebook games!!
7. Chatted to my Mum on the phone.
8. Watched the news.

8 Things I wish I could Do.

1. Finish our house renovations.
2. Landscape the yard.
3. Travel overseas, especially to the Greek Islands.
4. Have an endless supply of money.
5. Lock myself away in my Scrap room for about a week
6. Employ a housework/washing fairy
7. Learn to say "No"...I am getting better at this one!
8. Solve some of the world's problems...there's a few!

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately.

1. The Mentalist
2. Twilight on DVD
3. Home and Away
4. The Footy Show
5. 20 to 1
6. CSI
7. Cold Case
8. Supernatural

and here are the 8 blogs I am tagging....

1. Scrapmanda
2. Gypsyangel
3. Tiddlypeep
4. Scrapwitch
5. Nic
6. Lys
7. Maz
8. Leanne

I wonder if there's a few things about me you didn't know??

1 comment:

Kayla Renee said...

I loved reading your tag Chelle.

What did you think of Seven Pounds?
I was going to watch that. I hope it's good.

Kayla :)