Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I flew into Melbourne late on Friday afternoon.
My flight was delayed due to the line of thunderstorms that were lashing the city.
After about an hr delay we arrived to a very cool evening.
The storms had brought a cool change, and as it was warm at lunchtime I was not suitably dressed when I arrived. A hot shower, however soon warmed me up!

I spent the weekend shopping, dining out, donating to the Crown Casino, then catching up with family and scrap friends. Jase and I even managed to fit the footy in on Sat night. My beloved Brisbane Lions were playing at Etihad Stadium(formerly Telstra Dome) in the city. I had never been to a game there and with the roof closed it was quite loud and the action was exciting, although the end result didn't go our way!
I even got donked on the head with an awol football in the pre-game warm-up.
Typically it was a Carlton player!! LOL
Note to self: Always pay attention when footballs are going everywhere!! (haha)

We had a lovely lunch on Sunday at Docklands with my cousins, Tim and Kylie and their families.
I love catching up with them. Lots of giggles, chatter, good food and wine!!
I shopped the afternoon away with my cousin, and got a few bargains at DFO.
Onto dinner at the Casino before heading home.
Can you tell Jase took this photo?? He cut everyone's feet off?? LOL

Then on Monday morning I caught the train to my Scrap friend Alz's place. I made it without getting lost!! LOL
I have known Alz for close to 4 yrs but we had never met in person...she's just as gorgeous in the flesh as she is on the computer!!
I spent a lovely morning with Alz, Anthea and Fi...all local Melbourne Scrap girls that I chat with daily. It's nice to be able to catch up. We had fun with plenty of chatter, giggles, great croissants and a yummy cuppa!!
Just what a very cold Qlder needed!!
This photo was taken out the front of Alz and her hubby, Geoff's beautiful 120 yr old house!!

I had a ball. I feel very refreshed...it was a lovely break away, although a little on the cool side!!

Chat soon,

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kathie said...

I was probably sitting in Tullamarine airport, as you were circling! We flew in from Adelaide at about 10am, and were supposed to fly out at 11.30am, on to Newcastle. But our flight was delayed because of those storms. I think we finally flew out at 3pm. What a shame i didn't know - we could have caught up for a coffee in the airport!