Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Check this out...

Can you remember me telling you about Adam Brand's Birthday Bash in Tamworth?
It's a show he has every year at midnight for his Birthday. He was born on Australia Day!!
It's an awesome night out and my favourite thing at the Festival.
Well, that night they were filming for an upcoming film clip for his new album.
The majority of the film clip was filmed in Tamworth at this year's huh??

I've been checking out Youtube for one of his new clips, and they have released the first one from his new album(that I got last week, and it's awesome by the way!!).
It's the title track...Hell of a Ride.

The song is all about his last 10 years in the music business.
I remember seeing him way back then, in Tamworth. He was in Ledgends bar, at Wests and he was free to see. We instantly loved his music and I think we saw him about 5 nights straight! LOL
I knew he'll be famous one day!

Here's the clip...

So, there you have it. Jase and I are in a film clip...LOL
Not that you can see us. We were up the back, but loved every minute of it!

Witch, to answer your question. He does have a song about a Grandpa. It's called Grandpa's Piano off his very first album. It's awesome it was shot at Norah Head Lighthouse. Such a beautiful place!
I can't find the film clip on You tube though. I do have it on a DVD and it's set up like an old church. That was 10 yrs ago!

Enjoy your Wednesday...domestic bliss for me today! LOL
Chores that is!! :)

Chat soon,


Elizabeth said...

Hey that's great Chelle. It looks like it was a lot of fun

xoxAlyssaxox said...

hahaha.. awesome chelle.. Thanks for your signature LOL xxx

Anonymous said...

We are so at that birthday bash next year...and the cd is awesome, Ready for love is my favourite.
Chat soon SIL Tracey xx

Anonymous said...

Love your signature ... hope you have a good 4 days and I will be thinking of you. MIL

Tara said...

thats cool chelle...

nothing beats country music huh!!

Crazymumm said...

I so have to book a Tamworth trip one year soon Chelle (Bit of a Country fan)xxx