Friday, 2 January 2009

It's 2009...

My first post of 2009...Yay!!
I hope you had a lovely New Years.
We had a fun time at a Cocktail Party, with too mnay drinks, but a fun time just the same. I caught up with family and friends, laughed, sang, ate and drank the night away!!
Yes, I awoke on New Years Day to a pounding drum in my head, but nothing some Panadol and Berocca wouldn't fix! LOL

WE then headed to my Mum's for Christmas with my family. My sister and her family as well as my Mum and Dad went to Tangalooma, so we had a late celebration. It was stinking hot here in Brisbane yesterday, so most of it was spent indoors, until the kids could stand it no longer and we headed out!

Ella got the cutest Dolls Pram from Nana and Pa(Mum and Dad) along with a heap of other goodies, but the pram was a huge hit! My sister Kellie and family gave Ella a little makeup table with lots of girly goodies like makeup and lipstick(all pretend-thankfully), and it came with this pair of shoes...plastic shoes, and Ella loved them. Check this photo out of her outside pushing the pram with the shoes on!! Too cute!!

Here's a close-up of the shoes...Wrong feet and all...LOL
She's worn them most of today, too!!

Zac got plenty of new goodies, from the Operation game, to clothes and Lego!
But, Pa has not long bought the kids a Remote Controlled car for them to play with out at Mum and Dad's, as they have the best driveway for it!

Well, Zac loved it and spent ages outside driving the car around.

A fun day was had by all.

Now, today's the first Friday in 2009, and I said I was going to do something a little different to my flashbacks this year. The thinking cap has been on for several weeks, and I've come up with a plan!

I wanted to do the 365 day Challenge where you take a pic of yourself each day, but I'm not sure I could stick to that??
So, I've decided to do a Friday Foto and each friday, I'll upload a pic I've taken of myself during that week. Sound like fun??
That way, I'll have heaps of new pics of me! As, I'm usually the one taking the pics, it'll be nice to have some of me in them!
Wish me luck??

Here's today's...

I've done a little scrapping this afternoon, so I'll post that tomorrow!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx




I have read some of your posts. I would revisit, as I liked your writings.

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Tara said...

Those plastic shoes are always a hit with the little girls aren't they.... Mine has a pair too that she still tries to wear, she has to squish her feet right in there and they still hang over the back.. Doesn't stop her trying though!!

Can't believe how busy this time of year is for you!! I bet you are looking forward to relaxing!!

Good luck with the weekly pics, I always liked stopping by to see your flash-backs..

CONGRATS on the Masters too :D

Anonymous said...

so cute the wearing of the new clip clops by Miss Ella (and it is hip to wear them on the wrong feet)and wooooo to the remote car, that looks so cool Zac wish I could take it for a spin