Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Who knows what this is??

Just check out what arrived yesterday in the Jamieson household....a GIANT MUFFIN!!
The wine bottle is to you you an idea of the size of this thing...a whole 4kg!! Wowsers!!

No, just's a Panettone. If you're not Italian you probably don't know what that me!! (LOL) Thank god for Google!!

It's a Christmas tradition in Italy and a bread of Milan. And it's delicious!!
You can read more about it here.
We cut it open today and sampled some...Yum!! It smelt like fruit cake, which I'm not a big fan at all. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Jase's company deals with a big Italian company, which he has visited several times and they are just lovely. They sent this over for us for Christmas!
So, I've learnt something today!

I took the kids for their Santa photo today. All started well, but after being in line for over 90mins the patience was thinning. Ella was all psyched up to tell Santa all that she wanted, which she did, but pulled the pin when it came to sitting with him for the photo...NO WAY!! So, I'm in it, again!!

Late this afternoon we headed over to New Farm Park to snap some pics of the kids. Some in Christmas attire and some just everyday shots. It was fun, but we were all exhausted including me when we got home!
Here's a few favourites! (all unedited)

Do you think he'd had enough??

Then, you've got to love seeing this...on our way back to the car!

This time next week, the excitement will be in the air, on the big fella in red's arrival! Can you believe it??

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

Stunning photos of the darling Zac & Ella Chelle. How do we fair with the santa pics... xxx Love the new look blog (I'm working on my new design for next year as well) xxx love to taste that cake thingy xxx

Leanne Stamatellos said...

SOme fun photos Michelle - I was going to phone you today to see if you wanted to join me and take some pics of the kids altogether in the late afternoon - it didn't happen though but I do have my new lens - I need to play!

Spunky new blog!

lyn said...

hi hun, those photos are super cute :) the new update looks great.
lol chelle..yup alyssa is my SIL, yup i know i was there on stampshake when yas were planning it lol..sounds like a heap of fun. thanks hun we sure will have fun together we going to a scrap night tomorro nite cant wait! take care chook