Friday, 19 December 2008

Flashback Friday

Just a quick post tonight.
We had Ella's Daycare Christmas party tonight and everyone is exhausted. A fun night with a visit from Santa. It was nice to catch up with some other families. Everyone is so busy on drop-offs and pick-ups. It was nice having a chat!

Today's flashback is from January 2005. We took Zac and my niece Melanie to the Ipswich Railway Museum. They had Thomas the Tank engine there...lots of fabulous stuff for the kids do do there! If you live in SE Qld, it's well worth a visit!

How little was Zac?? He was about 18mths here, and I was just pregnant with Ella.
This doesn't seem that long ago, but the kids have certainly grown. I haven't changed that much?? I don't think?? LOL

Have a good weekend!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend also Chelle and wow to Zac so young xxx

Elizabeth said...

I love your Flashback Fridays Michelle. Have a great weekend. Check out my blog for a new award I have given you