Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Busy Busy Busy....

I've been so busy I haven't had time to blog....not good!!

Lots going on with Christmas parties, shopping and play dates!
The kids are loving the school holidays, and so am I, secretly. The sleep-in's aren't bad at all!

Tomorrow I'm going to take on the Christmas crowds and get the kids Santa pic taken. Let's hope Ella is in a good mood. Last year's Christmas photo had me in it, too!!
She says she's going to sit on Santa's knee, but I think it will depend on the moment and her mood. She's a very strong willed 3 year old!
As for Zac, he goes with the flow and is quite happy to tell Santa what he'd like.

I did a couple of Calendars for Jason and my Grandparents. They are currently on their way to the southern states!
I'm safe sharing these ones, as the recipients are not of the cyber age! LOL
They loved them last year, so I'm sure they'll be a hit again this year.

So, wish me luck that Santa gets a good reception tomorrow!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Lisa said...

Awesome calendars Chelle! I'm sure they will be a hit with the recipients! Love the photo. I am planning to get mine done tonight. They don't need to be posted, so still got a bit of time! LOL!

kathie said...

Lovely calendars! You make me feel slack... oh, no! hang on, I did make mum something. Gotta love DT themes ;), they are useful sometimes.

Good luck with Santa tomorrow. Jamie's 3 and this year he has not had one problem sitting next to Santa and talking to him. We gave him a brochure the first time, so he had something to talk about, lol. Poor Santa was reeling...

Vjbradford said...

Beautiful calendars Chelle and a fab photo of your little babies - I'm sure the gifts will be well received :)

Tanyah Payne said...

AW how adorable! love thouse chalanders chell!....very cool!...

Love the new look, very you!

LUv tanXX