Sunday, 5 October 2008

Weekend Update

I've had a great weekend...a little on the busy side, but that doesn't happen every weekend, so it was a nice change!

I headed to Girls Night In hosted by Gypsyangel, from Scrapchat.
We had a fabulous time. We scrapped, ate, talked and even shave lovely Lexie's head for charity! She one very brave chicky!
The oath was she'd shave it once we hit $800, and at last count it was well over $1100! Not a bad effort, hey?? I had the honors of doing "the shave" being a professional in the field...LOL I even tried to talk Lex into a longer clipper blade, but she was adamant she wanted a #2!! Looks great though!!

Sadly, again I didn't take many pics...I seem to get onto the job at hand at a crop! That's to scrap. I even got 3/4 finished a double layout, 3 singles and a card. Not bad for about 7hrs!!
I've finished them off this afternoon, so I'll share tomorrow.

After Girls Night In I had a 40th Birthday to attend. So, popped in fashionably late to catch up with plenty of friends and family, some drunker than others, hey Kate?? They decided to kick on and head to a local club for a few more quiet drinks, so to be social...I went along! I caught up with a friend from school, who I haven't seen since high school. She was on her Hens Night, and to make the whole 7 degrees of seperation more weird...Jase and I know the guy she's marrying quite well!! How weird is that??
I also saw my old PE teacher...very weird!!
A very small world!!

I think Ralph had a good time...and no, that's not his real's his nickname. He looks a lot like Ralph Malph from Happy Days, with red hair and all and has been called this since I met him, many yrs ago.

So, a VERY late night for this chickadee.'But so glad I went to the party to catch up with everyone...I had a ball!

After my biggest sleep in in years...10am...can you believe it??
We headed to my sister, Kellie's to pick up the kids. We stayed for lunch, a chat and the kids had a swim...the first of the warmer weather. They loved it!

Here's some pics...

and check out, Edwardo the Pool Cleaner...LOL
Jase was helping Kel pick up leaves!!

Hope you had a good weekend!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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