Friday, 10 October 2008

Flashback Friday

Quickly blogging tonight...about to head out to a 5th Birthday Party for Ella's Daycare. Should be a fun night with clowns and a magic show, I'm told.
Pity it's been a wet day, so it won't be held outside.
Should be fun, none the less!!

Today's flashback is me...on my 2nd Birthday!!
I'm with my cousin, Kylie...check out her big curls!!
She reads me blog, so she'll appreciate that comment...hey Kylie??

It's scary...
I can see Ella in this pic. She is so much like me at this age. Mannerisms and everything! Mum sure thinks so!! LOL

Have a good friday!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


ScrapManda said...

Can definately see Miss Ella in this photo Chelle!!! Uncanny resemblance! Very cute too ... lol!!!

Susan said...

Wow - how alike you and Ella are/were!! You and your cousin are very cute, Miss Chelle :)

I just added your blog to my blog roll. Have a look at my blog for alternative self-portrait ideas - Lol!

kylie said...

Michelle u love embarassing me dont u!!! we were cute then both such serious faces! Wow ella is so like u isn't she! And u will never guess Lachlans fav biscuit is shortbread creams must be the genes!! love ur coz Kylie oxoxox

Anonymous said...

That is a YES Chelle to Miss Ella looking a lot like her sweet Mum xox and Lol to Kylie's curls, just as well you two get on so nicely Chelle, you sure hang out a lot together (sweet) :):):) and a lot of flash back pics are of you both xxx enjoy the party xxx