Friday, 19 September 2008

Flashback Friday

It's the end of another week, and the start of the school holidays here in Qld. We weren't planning on too much, but Jase has a few days off early next week, so we are going to make the most of it. We're off to Twin Waters up the sunny Coast. The weather is supposed to be warm...29/30 on the weekend, in between showers. It's muggy today, already. Imagine what it'll be like in a few month's time?

Anyway, I can't wait. Lots of chillin', swimming, eating and relaxing...just us and the kids. They are very excited...especially about the beach!

On to today's flashback...

It's from 2001, on a trip to Seaworld! There is a story behind this pic!
It was before kids, and some friends of ours were married, and away on their honeymoon. They had 2 boys at the time(now they have a little girl as well) and I picked the boys up and took them down the coast to meet up with Mum and Dad on their honeymoon. We gave them the accomodation as a wedding gift. So, we all went to Seaworld for the day...lots of fun, but Jase couldn't come. You see, he broke his ankle on the Bucks night...yes, the Bucks night, and I had to rush back to Ipswich(I was at the Gold Coast for the Hens night) and sit in a hospital for the majority of the day, under the weather(from the Hen's night), waiting for them to plaster Jason's leg! Very exciting!! In the end I had to help the nurse,(gown and everything) as there was no one else available...can you believe that??

To cut a long story was a great day at Seaworld, and this photo reminds me of that time in my life...6 weeks of driving my dear husband to work!!

Have a wonderful weekend...whatever you get up to!
Catch you next week some time!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Maz said...

I love photos that really portray a certain time/emotion/event.

Your pages are just gorgeous hun, and I have checked out your etsy shop too! Just waiting for you to load a few more things before I have a little shopping spree :)

Maz xx

Scrapsister said...

Hilarious! My DH broke his ankle on a buck's night too. It was actually a skirmish party so it sort of makes some sense...sort of! He was to be the MC only 2 days later but had to have surgery to have pins put in his leg....not so good :(

tracey said...

wow - sounds like a fun few days of play for you chelle - have a great time - we are headed up that way too- love your design team layouts they look awesome & congrats on the opening of your etsy shop - chat soon

Crazymumm said...

arhhhhhh can't trust a man on a buck's night Chelle xxx made me laugh poor Jase really hasn't learnt that him and the drink don't mix... Enjoy you family holiday Chelle xxx sure is hot enough today for the beach

Julie said...

Enjoy your school hols ... ours start this weekend!