Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Great Fete

Zac's school had their fete on Saturday...The Great Fete.
We even made the news, twice!!
They were on Channel Nine on Wednesday night with their opening dance the kids were doing, then again on Channel Seven and Ten on Saturday night!!
The had special guests Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle, so tha't's the reason for all the excitement! They joined in plenty of activities on the day. Six lucky kids got to bowl or bat to Michael Clarke, all through a raffle. While Lara joined in a hula hoop demonstration and did some face painting!
Zac was one of 30 lucky kids to have his photo taken with Michael Clarke and wearing his baggy green. Being a crazy Scrapbooker, I jumped at the opportuntity to have the photo taken, all by a professional.
It was the topic of debate a week earlier on Sunrise and in the Courier Mail here in Brisbane. Seems there wasn't such a big fuss on the day!
I'm looking forward to receiving it, hopefully this week! I promise to share when it's in my hot little hands!! LOL

Other than that...the kids had a ball on the rides, enjoyed the sample bags, Ella had her face painted, ate too much and drank too many fizzy drinks!!
What else do you do at a fete?? LOL

Here's some pics from yesterday...

Zac doing his Prep dance - Footloose

Ella had her face painted. She is Bat girl. She wanted Spiderman, but I was visualising the screaming in the shower, so we talked her into Bat girl. No fairies and butterflies for this Little Miss! I think her brother is rubbing off on her! LOL

I hope you had a good weekend!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

Miss Bat Girl!! What a hoot..
Read about the fete in the Sunday paper too. Glad Zac had a great time.
Love SIL Traceyxx

Jaimie R said...

those pics are too cool, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, lucky kids! Looks like they had a ball..

Anonymous said...

Oh they are lovely little mites Chelle just so cute xx can't wait to see how you scrap these fantastic Photos xx