Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ipswich Cup 2008

Well, I survived!
I had a fabulous day out at the Races yesterday. A little on the weary side tonight, but I awoke with no hangover! You've got to Love that!! I'm a little older and wiser these days, and know it's all about how you pace yourself. I know when I've had enough!
Our day started early, with a 6am wake-up call. Got up and started the getting ready and began the Hair ritual!! It took a while! LOL
We had a champagne breakfast date at 9am, and were there shortly after. Kimmy had prepared a very yummy breaky with bubbly to go with it! She lives not far from the Racecourse, so we leave our cars there and usually walk down. Not this year...a friend of Kimmy's has a Limo business, so he sent the stretch to pick us up, so we could arrive in style...Very cool indeed! :)
Then, off to the marquee in the centre of the track. A great day with plenty to eat, drink and be quite merry. I caught up with lots of friends, some I hadn't seen in quite some time. It was very good, but a race fall marred the festivities a little. 4 jockeys went down, 2 jumped straight up, but 2 were not so lucky. One was unconscious, and was sent through to the PA with severe bruising and the other was taken to Ipswich hospital as a precaution. He was cvomplaining of a sore hip and some bruising...or so the paper said this morning. One horse wasn't so lucky, breaking it's leg and not sure how the others faired?
Not nice to see those things happen.
I had a few collects, nothing huge, but enough to keep me interested.
After the Races, we headed to the main area on the other side of the track to watch the band, who were very good. They played lots of oldies but goodies!! Then off to the Racehorse hotel, which is about 100m away for a drink, and on to Brothers Leagues for some dinner and a dance!
Walked in the door around 11pm, cold and weary!
Ipswich is a very cold place, to say the least!

Not bad, if I do say so myself...14 hrs of social activity is quite enough for this little chook!
Needless, to say I have 2 whopping blisters on each foot...I wore some not so sensible shoes, but they looked awesome with my outfit!!
What we women do in the name of FASHION!!

Had a lazy day today hanging out with my BIL and SIL's place. The kids had a great time playing together while we bummed around and watched a few movies!
Arrived home around 5pm tonight!

A very fun weekend...Can't wait til next year!!

Here's some snaps...
The girls - Lee-Ann, me, Kerry Lee, Tracey(my SIL), Donna and Kimmy.
We girls stick together at the Races these days...the boys do their thing and the girls have fun together! Our paths do cross through the day, with our husbands...usually towards the end of the day! LOL

Me and my two beautiful SIL's - Amanda(middle) and Tracey(right).
These two are like them both!!

Very late in the day at the Racetrack, watching the band!

Tracey and me

I hope you had a great weekend!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Zany said...

wow looks like you had a blast
Nothing like the girls getting together for some fun so awesome photos there to scrap hugs

Leanne Stamatellos said...


I can barely get through a night out these days - hehehe - let alone an entire day.

Alice said...

Hi Chelle!
OMG how pretty do you look!
Red is definately your colour!

I loved meeting up with you at the convention! The photo is up on my blog and if you need a bigger version let me know and I will email it to ya!

Will let you know when I scrap it! hehe


Nicole said...

sounds like you had a blast

and how totally spunky do you look.


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Chelle sounds like you had a blast (as the norm) but sad when you have to come back down to earth you party animal you :) :) Will keep an eye out for the layoutw with this pic's and have a great great time this weekend too xxx

Anonymous said...

Looking gorgeous Chelle!

Loving those pics - glad you didn't rise with a hangover!

Maz xx