Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Little Miss Mischief

I was chatting to my MIL on the phone today, and walked in on this...

She had up ended a heap of books and just wanted to get the lamp down. OMG!!

The joys of a 2yr old!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!!
she is one of a kind.
love SIL tracey xx

Anonymous said...

Ella, come to Aunty Leanne - you can always get a hug from me !!


I know a little boy that could teach her a thing or two about mischief - she aint seen nothing!

Leanne Stamatellos

Gypsyangel said...

Sounds like you need to change her name Chelle, to Little Miss Mischievious. lol


Melissa said...

Oh she and Miss P would make a great pair!

Crazymumm said...

ahhhhhhhh the terrible two saga (Well Miss Ella) can't be prim and proper all the time xxx Might have to rearrange the room Chelle xxx