Monday, 28 April 2008

I'm back!!

I'm back on warm Qld soil!! Yay!!
It was so cold down in Daylesford, Vic on Saturday and Sunday. All of 9 degrees on Saturday!! That's very cold for a sooky Qlder that loves the heat!! LOL
Daylesford is about a 90 min drive from Melbourne. A truely magical place!

I'll update you tomorrow on the wedding I attended!

My news for today is that I had an accident in my car this afternoon. After picking up the kids this morning from Grandma and Grandpa's, it was the cat's turn this afternoon. So, we set off around 3pm to head to the Cattery to pick up Reuben.

About 2km's from the cattery, at the T-intersection from hell, I ran into a lady who took off from the intersection, then jammed on the brake, for me to then hit the back of her car. She had a toeball, so it has put a hole in my radiator and broke my bumper. It's undrivable, so my poor RAV4 had to be towed. It's being assessed tomorrow. Then, I'll find out how bad the damage is....??
So, I'll have DH's car til mine's fixed, which hopefully won't be too long. I love my car!!
I had the kids with me. Zac ended up in tears, after a big fright, while Ella was a little dumbfounded to what all the fuss was about. We are all ok, which is the main thing. Thank god for insurance!

I hope your day was a little better than mine!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Julie said...

Oh no !!! what a horrible way to end a lovely time away ... but, glad to hear you are all fine.
Look forward to seeing your pics from the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting it all fixed up!

But glad you had an otherwise good, if not cold, time in Vic!