Friday, 28 March 2008

Flashback friday

This week's flashback friday is because the person in the photo with me, was voted out of It takes two this week. Do you know who it is??

Adam Harvey of course! I met him in Tamworth, way back in 1999. Seems like such a long time ago, now!

How short was my hair??

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Julie said...

Another famous photo !!!

Quite the social butterfly ! LOL !!

Anonymous said...

he is not too shabby either!!
Love SIL tracey

Crazymumm said...

No idea who he is Chelle... (Peter Harvey) is he a Country singing hick....geeeeee you watch some weird TV show Hun xxx (joking) but never looked at that takes two programme myself..... Love your photo (and yes very short hair Chelle but it suits you) xxx

Love your Scrapchat layouts... Stunning as only you can do sweet's