Monday, 28 January 2008

Our trip to Tamworth

I think I'm nearly caught up. Had a busy day today with washing and housework while Jase and Zac mowed the yard and cut back some trees. We were only away a week, and the lawn was so long! The trees, Jase has been putting off til holidays. My front yard looks much bigger with the tree in the front yard cut back. It looks great!

Anyway, about the holiday...
We went to Tamworth for the Country Music festival and had a fabulous time, as usual! We caught up with Jase's Nana, Uncle Brian and saw his Aunty Elaine and Uncle Noel.
Tamworth is always so busy at this time of year with plenty of bands, buskers, singers, cowboys, and dare I say it...line dancers! Everyone's in a good mood and enjoying the many shows around town.

I was lucky enough to see Lee Kernaghan on Wed(totally by accident) when we were at the Longyard, which is where the Golden Guitar is. We headed out there to see the Noll Brothers(yes, they are Shannon Noll's brothers) and they are pretty good, too!

They had a mystery guest each day and we just happened to be there when they said Lee Kernaghan would be performing. How excited were we??

He only sang a few songs...a bit of a warm up for his big Concert in the Park in the middle of town on the Thursday night. They had a huge lineup of big stars, like James Blundell, Jimmy Little, the McClymont sisters, Colin Buchanan, Adam Brand and Steve Forde to name a few.

This is the McClymont sisters...

Steve Forde, Adam Brand and Lee...singing The Spirit of the Bush.

Over 20,000 people turned out. The show was free, and they raised money for Outback Relief. They released a song called Spirit of the Bush, and all money raised from the single goes to the fund. It's a great cause to help our struggling farmers, who are doing it tough. The kids loved the Concert. Zac and Ella were up dancing and playing air guitar! A top night out! They had a huge fireworks display at the end of the show that was pretty impressive, too.

I was very excited to hear Lee had won Australian of the Year. A very deserving Aussie, who does so much for the Outback with his Pass the hat fundraising concerts. He's a very inspiring and humble person who thoroughly deserves such an accolade.

My SIL Tracey and my niece Melanie also came down to Tamworth. So, I had a buddy to go out with most nights! Trace and I went and saw the Wolverines. What a great night. The Wolverines sing some very funny songs, and keep the crowd clapping for more! It was the first time I'd seen them, and I thoroughly enjoyed their show! After the show, we headed out to the bar and saw a band with an awesome fiddle player...she played a mean, Devil went down to Georgia! Hey Trace??

Then Friday night I dragged Jase to see Adam Brand. We first saw Adam Brand about 10 yrs ago, when he was a little unknown and he was in the Legends bar at Wests Leagues Club. Now, he's so big, he's a paid concert and fills major venues with his following of fans! It's his Birthday on Australia Day, so at the stroke of midnight, he has a Birthday bash! He's great to see...excellent show! So, Jase and I left there around 2am, looking a little tired! Was so worth staying up for that show!!

Then we did the usual things, like headed down Peel st, which is the main street in Tamworth. It is totally blocked off for the Festival and is only pedestrian access. The buskers line up all the way down the street. Some are good, others not so good! We saw a few good ones, like Juzzy Smith, who plays the guitar, harmonica, a drum, digeridoo and a maracca all at once...very impressive! He was a finalist in the Busking Comp, but we didn't hear who won it.

Here's a few snaps from the week...
Melanie, Ella, Zac and Uncle Brian(Jase's Uncle)

Jase, Zac and Ella down Peel street

A couple of cowgirls in the park!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Crazymumm said...

Welcome home cowgirl xxx sounds like you had a hooting good time xxx great photos to boot xxx love the cowgirls in the park xxx

Julie said...

A girl of my own heart .... i love country music & the whole country atmosphere .... Sounds like you had a great time at Tamworth.
Love the 'cowgirls in the park' pic !!

Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Hi Chelle,

Love your Pics what a great weekend!

Take Care,
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Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear you and your family had a great time.

We love to hear how much pleasure people get from Lee's shows.

I guess you are getting ready for Lee's Caboolture Muster appearance, in Brisbane on the 3rd of May. See you there.

Steve JW Roberts
LK Personal Assistant

gypsyangel said...

Gorgeous pics Chelle. How lucky were you to see Lee Kernaghan, oh and I love the McClymonts. Hope you enjoyed yourself.


JosieDean said...

Just Jealous!! :) :)

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Great to hear your trip was so fantastic - see you at school in the morning - bring your tissues.

Crazymumm said...

Good Luck at School Zac and no tears please Mum xxx