Friday, 4 January 2008

Flashback friday

It's still friday...just! LOL

Here's a photo from our trip to Bali, Indonesia back in 2000. We had a fabulous time. Met some great people, had some good nights out, great food, shopping...and everything's cheap. The only catch is you have to "haggle" for everything. By "haggle" I mean barter. If you don't barter well, you'll get ripped off!

Do you know the plastic bag system in Bali??
A guy we met over there filled us in. When you go shopping, if you haggle well, you'll get your goods in a black shopping bag, if you don't haggle well, you'll get a striped or coloured bag. That lets other stall holders know that you're an easy target and will rip you off big time!! We were much wiser after we knew that. As soon as you see your goods going in to a striped bag, you back away from the deal and barter, downwards!!

This pic is from the traditional Balinese Ceremonial dinner they had at our resort. Excellent night, with food, plenty of wine and dancing!!

How red was my hair back then??

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


tracey said...

oh my gosh -- i think i had reddish hair back then too -- but i never knew that when we went to bali - and i am no good at haggling - i leave that to my dh --ciao...

Pamela said...

didn't know about the bag system in Bali, wonder if I got ripped of on the few trips I've had there.

Red hair looks great!

Love Pam

ScrapManda said...

Can I say how much I love your "Flashback Friday" Chelle!

Anonymous said...

I love this segment that you have on your blog Chelle... always need a pick me up on the weekend and your flashback is just the tonic xxx

Heids xx said...

This is awesome chelle. good idea, and thanks for sharing!!!
btw I have tagged you, so now you have to go to my blog! ner ner!! lol heheheeee

much luv!!!