Thursday, 20 December 2007

A new 'Hairdo"

I took a trip to my fave hairdressers today....where I used to work...I'm a hairdresser you see...if you didn't know!!

I love catching up with the girls and Gary at the salon. Gary gave me a shorter cut, which I love...much easier to handle! I had about 3 inches cut off, which it desperatly needed. I haven't had hair that long since high school!!

I feel great after having a new "hairdo"!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Julie said...

Love tbe new 'doo' Michelle, it looks lovely!
Also thought i would mention how impressed i am at your being so good at updating your blog regularly ... really enjoy popping in to say 'hi' !

Melissa said...

Loving your new "do" chelle...really suits you hun!
You LOs in the last post are fab too!
Go girl!

Jodie said...

love it chelle, it really suits you.
love the hint of blonde in their too.

your a hot mumma :D


ScrapManda said...

Sweet :D Looking forward to catching up (and seeing the "do" IRL) tomorrow!