Sunday, 2 December 2007

Friends Christmas party

We have a Friends Christmas party every year. We've been doing it about 10 years now. A chance to catch up and get together. When we first started there was only a few kids....well, we've definately multiplied!! At last count, I saw 17 kids there today!! Holy Moley!!
Apart from a huge downpour of rain, we had a great day. Every year to date it has been soooo hot, and we needed water, but this year we went to water and it rained...Go figure??
Our friend, Glen dresses up as Santa each year, and we all bring a present and Santa hands them out! The kids love it, and it's become a tradition! The older ones know it's him, but haven't spoilt it for the little ones!!

Here's a few pics...

Our very cool Santa

All a bit much for Miss Ella when Santa came...she went to sleep on Daddy's shoulder!

Check out Zac's goggle marks!!

and our two little monkeys!!

My nephew Michael stayed over last night and came to the party today. After a big day swimming, you have to come home and play Nintendo DS, apparently!! LOL

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Pamela said...

Evening Chell,

Looks like you have had a really fun day.

Isn't it great Christmas is in the air!

xo Pam

karen e said...

We have one of those each year aswell they are so much fun

ScrapManda said...

Gotta love the goggle!

Love your elf family too - a real crack up! Did it for just me last year - must do the whole family this time round!